Cover photo with logo, Zach Hudson for State Representative.


I am a high school teacher at Reynolds High School and a City Councilor for Troutdale. I have been teaching for 14 years in local schools, including Gresham High School, Corbett High School and Mount Hood Community College.

I am passionate about investing in our kids and protecting our future. I want to work for all Oregonians to promote equity and community, and to make the system fairer and more effective. I'm running for Oregon State Representative for District 49 to join our other legislators in supporting education, civil rights, environmental protection and smart government.

I am proud to be endorsed by

 State Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson

State Representative Chris Gorsek

Multnomah County Commissioner Lori Stegmann

Metro Councilor Shirley Craddick

Multnomah County Auditor Jennifer McGuirk

Mount Hood Community College Board Vice Chair Jim Zordich

Wood Village Mayor Scott Harden

Troutdale Mayor Casey Ryan

Troutdale City Councilor Glenn White

Troutdale City Councilor Jamie Kranz


I can't do this alone! Please contribute something to help us get the word out. Oregon residents can claim a tax credit up to $50 single / $100 joint for political donations.

Get involved!