I have been a teacher in East Multnomah County for 14 years, and I have seen the impact of education on the lives of students first-hand. The Student Success Act was an important breakthrough for Oregon schools. We must now continue that support, funding not only classroom teachers, but counselors, school nurses, student resource officers, mental health professionals and classroom assistants. We also have to look beyond K-12 education and improve support for vocational training and college. 

The Environment

Climate change is real, and it is imperative that we act quickly to reduce carbon emissions. We also need to promote clean air and water and to develop energy sources that are healthy and sustainable. I oppose the development of fossil fuel infrastructure and I support incentives to develop green energy technology, and I have taken the Green New Deal pledge.

Civil Rights

Discrimination should have no place in Oregon--not in housing, employment, the legal system or anywhere else. I will work to make sure people of all races, backgrounds, abilities, genders and identities have equal access and equal protection. 


I support unions and I support the right of workers to unionize. Unions improve pay and job conditions not just for their members, but for others in the industry as well, and they act as important legal protection for employees. I will not vote for any cuts to PERS, or to roll back any other promises Oregon has made to public employees.


Immigration makes our country stronger, and Oregon should be a welcoming place to all immigrants, including asylum seekers and refugees. Furthermore, I oppose the demonization of undocumented immigrants. Immigration and Customs is not the purview of local law enforcement, who often need to work with undocumented residents to be more effective in solving crimes. I also support the DMV in issuing a drivers license without asking about immigration status. The purpose of a drivers license is to make driving safer, not to enforce immigration law; to conflate those two purposes does nothing to increase safety, and often has the opposite effect. 

Smart Elections

Oregon is a leader in its efforts to enfranchise all voters, with the vote-by-mail system and automatic voter registration at the DMV. We need to continue these efforts toward inclusive elections, but there is more we can do to increase access to candidates and to give voters better choices. A better voting system, such as STAR voting, would increase participation of third parties, promote candidates with broad appeal, and decrease the spoiler effect and voter cynicism.


Public Health

We're all better off when we all have health insurance and access to preventative care. Forcing people to wait until a health concern becomes an emergency doesn't save any money in the end, and puts people already struggling financially in danger. Prescription drugs such as insulin should be seen as a public good, and prices should be regulated accordingly. 

Sensible Gun Regulation

I support the Second Amendment and the Heller decision, which recognizes the individual right to own a gun for self-protection. However, this cannot mean any weapon, and I support a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. I support universal background checks, waiting periods, safe storage laws and "red-flag" laws.  I'm glad Oregon closed the "boyfriend loophole" to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

Affordable Housing

It is undeniable that many places in Oregon are feeling the housing crunch, as demand continues to outpace supply, and rents continue rising. I support renter protections and public-private partnerships that increase the supply of affordable housing. 

The Right to Choose

I strongly support every person's autonomy over his or her own body and the healthcare decisions that affect it, including the choice to have an abortion. I stand by Planned Parenthood and other healthcare providers to support women's health without interference from the government or from employers.

Campaign Finance Reform

Our elected officials cannot be responsive to their constituents when they are influenced by big donors. I disagree with the Citizens United decision, and believe that corporations are not people and money is not speech. I support greater transparency and limitations on donations.

Consumer Protection

I am committed to protecting Oregon consumers from fraud and predatory business practices.